Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Regular Cleaning Care For Your Furniture

Some people love it; some people dread it. Spring Cleaning. The words evoke feelings of cleansing and fresh starts as well as hard labor.  Yet, most of us have formed some type of spring cleaning routine we submit to annually.

 For some, spring cleaning means removing clutter and organizing their home.  For others, spring cleaning means cleaning out flower beds, cleaning gutters, and preparing the lawn for the hot summer months.  Less often, spring cleaning means caring for furniture.

Most likely, you took great care and time choosing the pieces of furniture for your home. To some extent, they are an extension of your personality and are instrumental in completing the feel of your home.  The financial investment you made in the furniture is worth it because it plays an important role in your daily life and you expect the pieces to last for a very long time.  Ironically, most people do not take proper care of their furniture.  If you want your car to function well for many years, you provide regular care and maintenance for it.  The same holds true for your furniture, especially since it is usually expected to last longer than your car.

Spring cleaning time offers a built in reminder to provide some general maintenance care to your furniture. Care instructions typically come with the furniture and should be followed for the best results, but Marc Williams Furniture would like to offer some general care guidelines for you to follow.

Solid wood furniture should be cleaned with a soft lint free cotton cloth dampened with water or furniture polish following the pattern of the grain. This will help remove the build up of grease, lint and dust that can get ground into or soften the finish. Use a quality furniture polish on the cleaned surface.

It is important to know what type of leather furniture you have in order to properly care for it. Aniline and Aniline Plus leather should be cleaned with a soft cloth and vacuumed with a soft brush extension. Rub the leather down with a cleaning solutions to preserve the quality of the leather.   Nubuck leather is more likely to stain and fade.  Using a Nubuck cleaner will help the leather resist natural body oils, liquid spills, perspiration and maintain the velvet/suede texture.  Remove spills immediately and dust regularly.

Most furniture companies will provide standardized cleaning codes and instructions which list the preferred spot cleaning method for upholstery.  They are as follows:

S: Clean the fabric sparingly with a dry cleaning solvent that's water free.  Test for color fastness, use sparingly.

W: Clean fabric with a water based solution, such as a mild detergent and water or foam upholstery cleaner.  Avoid overwetting.

WS:  Depending on stain, use a water based solution, dry-cleaning solvent or upholstery shampoo.

X:  Fabric should be professionally cleaned only.  Vacuum or brush lightly to remove any accumulation of dust, dirt and debris.  Do not use cleaning solvents or water based products on fabric.

Take care of your furniture and it will provide you with many years of comfort and enjoyment.

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